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By World Law Direct, March 1, 2015, updated [August 16th, 2019]
Recent progress in Cuban-US relations is bringing about opportunities for US businesses that had been out of reach for over fifty years. Cuba is ripe for development and expansion in commercial, real estate, tourism and many other industries. World Law continuously works to provide an international presence in order to better serves it clients and customers worldwide. Currently, World Law's team consists of eight highly-active attorneys in Havana, Cuba. .... >> MORE

By Maury D. Beaulier [January 17th, 2019]
If you are a U.S. citizen and your fiance(e) lives abroad, the Fiance Visa may be just what youve been looking for. The Fiance Visa is a relatively fast process that allows your fiance to enter the U.S. to marry you and then adjust his/her status to lawful permanent resident based on the marriage (without having to leave the U.S.). Compared to other types of permanent status visas like the Family Based Petition, Employment Based Petition, or the Diversity Lottery program, the Fiance Visa has a relatively fast processing time and when done properly, can reunite you and your fiance(e) in the United States. .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [January 17th, 2019]
Online divorce, trademarks, wills, incorporation, partnerships, international contracts, pro bono, attorney pro se help, Alibaba support, global debt collection. .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [January 17th, 2019]
2019 Brad Haskins is an attorney specializing in international law matters for U.S. Fortune 500 and international clients. Between 2008 .... >> MORE

By Royal Bank of Canada [August 22nd, 2018]
Protect your property! .... >> MORE

By Ministry of Commerce of the People's Rep. of China [August 18th, 2018]
WORLD Law Direct offers an experienced team of American and Chinese legal professionals in both China and the United States dedicated exclusively to .... >> MORE

By WORLD Law Direct, New York [August 18th, 2018]
International debt collection is the same as normal debt collection except the creditor and debtor are in different countries. There are not many companies that specialise in this sort of collection as there is the need to have many different languages in-house and a worldwide knowledge of the different legal systems and laws that are in place around the world. .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [August 18th, 2018]
A contract between an importer and an exporter may call for payment under a letter of credit, often abbreviated as L/C or LC. A .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [March 28th, 2018]
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) If your question is not listed below, send us an email: How .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [March 28th, 2018]
Office of International Trade, Small Business Administration (SBA) Finding overseas markets, dealing with the intial complexities .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [March 28th, 2018]
U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) Business Development International Trade .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [March 28th, 2018]
WORLD Law Direct offers an experienced team of American and Chinese legal professionals in both China and the United States dedicated exclusively to China law matters. Our team has extensive in-country experience advising U.S., Chinese and European clients on investment, trade and commercial matters throughout China and the USA. .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [January 22nd, 2018]
Goods and services are sold every day across national boundaries. These transactions are subject to a myriad of laws, regulations, restrictions and .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [January 22nd, 2018]
You sent your product to Brazil and never got paid. You paid for product from China and the product never came. You sent your product from Romania .... >> MORE

By WORLDLawDirect [January 22nd, 2018]
We provide international law and business solutions for the U.S., Europe, China, Russia and more than 26 other countries. Topics include trading, international contracts, outsourcing, global finance and general international business. Whatever your legal issue, our international lawyers are ready to help! .... >> MORE