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How to form and operate a nonprofit corporation

By Nolo (  [September 15th, 2023]

Forming a nonprofit corporation is much like creating a regular corporation, except that nonprofits have to take the extra steps of applying for tax-exempt status with the IRS and their state tax division. Before you form your nonprofit corporation, you need to decide on a name that complies with the rules of your state's corporate filing office. The information packet you receive from the filing office should contain your state's rules. After the corporate filing office returns a copy of your filed articles, you can submit your federal 501(c)(3) tax exemption application to the IRS. >> MORE

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How can our non-profit organization be legally registered to solicit in all 50 states without spending a fortune?
[January 21st 2018]
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How do I form a "501(c)(3)" corporation in Texas?
[April 10th 2018]
Filing a Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State creates a nonprofit corporation. Designations such as 501(c)(3) relate to federal tax provisions only. If you need information regarding those provisions or how they might affect a Certificate of Formation, you should contact your own tax counsel or the Internal Revenue Service. The Secretary of State's Form 202 meets minimum state law requirements but does not include any additional statements that the IRS might require for tax-exempt status.
Who has authority to investigate the activities of a nonprofit corporation?
[November 21st 2013]
The Attorney General has statutory authority to (1) investigate charities that operate as nonprofit corporations, and (2) inspect the books and records of all corporations, including nonprofit corporations. The Secretary of State has no such authority. The IRS can revoke a nonprofit corporation's tax exemption for violations of federal tax laws.