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By WORLDLawDirect  [April 10th, 2018]

Medical malpractice is a doctor's failure to exercise the degree of care and skill that a physician or surgeon of the same medical specialty would use under similar circumstances. A lawyer that knows about medical problems and medical laws is needed to help a claim reach the courts in the fastest, accurate, and most complete way possible. A medical malpractice lawyer will work with the hospital system and legal system to find out what your rights and legal options are. >> MORE

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Your most common questions answered:

Can I sue someone for discriminating against me because I am HIV-positive?
[November 21st 2013]
Yes. HIV is usually considered a disability under several civil rights laws. If you are denied housing, medical or dental care, or service at a place of business based on your HIV status, your civil rights may be violated. If you are harassed at work or if an employer denies you a job, decreases your benefits, fires you or fails to promote you because you are HIV-positive, you also may have grounds to sue for discrimination. See an attorney or local legal aid society for additional information.
Abortion: What is the current law in Canada?
[April 10th 2018]
Abortion in Canada is not limited by the law. While some non-legal obstacles exist, Canada is one of only a few nations with no legal restrictions on abortion. Regulations and accessibility varies between provinces.
I have been the victim of food poisoning. Do I have a claim?
[January 21st 2018]
Issues of food poisoning has become increasingly complex extending beyond traditional concerns regarding spoilage and contamination. If you believe you suffer an illness due to food contamination, you may have a valid claim for compensation.