WORLD Law Direct is the leading provider of U.S. and international legal solutions.

GOOGLE: Google ranks WORLD Law Direct number one for "online legal advice" out of more than fifteen million searched sites. July 2004 through June 2014.

April 2014, China grants WORLD Law Direct another license to provide online international legal advice throughout China. A market of more than one billion citizens.

We look forward to continued growth and opportunity worldwide.

WORLD Law Direct was founded in 2000 as an outgrowth of an ambitious software development program involving partners from five of the world's largest international law firms. Today we provide high-quality legal information, solutions and practical information on a global scale. We are the first and largest project of our kind and are backed by the resources of a key group of prominent, internationally-recognized attorneys and software experts.

WORLD Law Direct is a profitable company dedicated to remaining at the forefront of global interactive legal solutions. We currently have 24 full-time employees, numerous part-time employees, and a network of over 1000 attorneys worldwide that regularly contribute to our project. For more information see our homepage. USA TODAY featured the young site March 22, 2001 as "HOT SITE OF THE DAY". The Washington Post's Newsbytes and other media have continued the praise. The project is cash flow positive and growing; offshore and international cost structures help ensure profitability.

Revenue is generated primarily from (1) user fees, (2) affiliate-attorney fees, (3) international law-related software development projects, (4) sale and lease of customized legal software, and (5) advertising. One-quarter of revenue and profit is currently generated from new operations in India and China.