Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Legal Help

Let our network lawyers resolve your issue! In most cases there is no legal fee due unless we resolve the matter or win the dispute.


Most-active cryptocurrency legal issues over the last 90 days:

Arbitration of disputes with Coinbase. (Arbitrate claims at the American Arbitration Association as required by the Coinbase Terms of Service.)

Litigation or claims with Bitfinex and other Exchanges worldwide.

Missing funds claims.

Unreasonably delayed cryptocurrency transactions (causing actual damages).

Estate planning and protection of investments.

Legal advice and help establishing cryptocurrency accounts and wallets.

Tax issues and tax defense strategies.

International estate planning.

Establishment of bitcoin "merchant and attorney payment systems".

Claims re failure to properly execute Bitcoin exchanges (and related litigation/arbitration).

General account disputes.

Authorized and licensed proxy services.

Claims of failure to pay or failure to execute a trade or payment.

False "currency exchange rate" claims.

"Denial of access to account" disputes.

Coinbase Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues.

Lost and missing passwords on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency accounts.

Wrongful account closures.

Verification and legal due diligence on Bitcoin-related startups and proposed projects.

Arbitrations and court orders proving (or establishing) Bitcoin account ownership.


[Published June 3, 2017; updated: TODAY at 6:02 AM ET USA]