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July 2004 through January 2014

Google ranks WORLD Law Direct number one for "online legal advice" out of more than twenty million searched sites.


March, 2008

"Site Listings - Most Popular Law Sites"

WORLD Law Direct: One of the top three most popular law sites in America.

"WORLDLawDirect - provides advice, referrals, ask-an-attorney options, and access to worldwide database covering a variety of practice areas."

The Washington Post

Reported by The Washington Post's

By Sylvia Dennis, London UK

Look For Legal Advice Online -- WORLD Law Direct

"This site, unlike many, offers legal advice on both U.S. and international law. On top of this, the site also offers lawyers from 26 countries around the world, who are available for consultation 24 hours a day. Most sites of this type tend either to be US-only or only offer superficial advice. This site seems to offer the best of both worlds to all Web users."


WORLDLawDirect -- Hot Site of the Day!

"WORLDLawDirect's automated system can give personalized answers to more than 6,000 commonly faced legal issues. Or sift backgrounders."

"USA TODAY chooses sites that will astound readers... with superior graphics and content..."

USA Today

The National Jurist

October, 2006

Lawyering Online, by Colleen Gareau

"WORLD Law Direct is another thriving online legal service. It was created by lawyers from five international law firms and offers services and resources in many areas of law over the Internet. You don't have to buy a franchise to work online for WORLD Law Direct. The firm hires law students for U.S. and international law research projects and hires immigration attorneys for full, part-time and online positions. The firm also pays for legal articles that are of interest to their clients for online posting."

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

July, 2003

By Tamara E. Holmes

"If your business deals with customers overseas you'll want to check out World Law Direct. Here you'll find legal data on topics such as finance law, business law, and even immigration law. If you can't find the legal information you're looking for, you can ask an attorney by filling out an online form with your name, e-mail address and the question. The site's information database will be searched and you'll get a response that best matches your question within 24 hours. All legal questions posed in this manner are free except family law questions, which require a $10 fee for the answer."

With 600,000 members and offices in Washington, D.C., and all 50 state capitals, NFIB is the nation's largest small-business lobbying group. NFIB members are a diverse group consisting of high-tech manufacturers, retailers, farmers, professional service providers and many more.

The National Education Association (NEA)

June, 2003

"Web Winners" -- WORLDLawDirect

All About Law

"If you want to open a Swiss bank account, report fraud and earn money, or adopt a child abroad, WorldLawDirect can help. Is your employer monitoring your Internet use? This site will attract lawyers and nonlawyers for sure."

INTERNET NEWS with Charles Bowen

May, 2001

"Your Daily Guide to the Best Sites on the Web" "Broadcast on Hundreds of Radio Stations Worldwide"

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WORLD Law Direct

"Answers to literally thousands of legal questions await you on the Web. A great new site has the latest legal tips and solutions to more than 6,000 common legal problems, as well as a free ask-an-attorney service to field your online questions. I'm Charles Bowen with the Internet News."

"Today's report: World Law Direct. Got questions about business law? Family law? Property? Employment? Health care? U.S. and international legal questions are routinely covered on this Web site, from matters regarding mortgages, wills and divorce to immigration law, trademarks and copyright and workers' rights. Start your own research right before you ever call a lawyer."

"I'm Charles Bowen with The Internet News, brought to you, in part, by the new CompuServe 2000."

May, 2001

WORLD Law Direct

"This website offers free online legal advice from lawyers in the U.S. and 26 other countries. There are also many articles on legal issues, a database of attorneys, and links to web resources. Areas of law covered include international law, business, finance, immigration, property, family, employment, healthcare, criminal law, non-profits, and Internet law. Here you can find answers to many common legal problems, answer the question "Do I need to hire a lawyer?", arrange for customized legal research, and access legal aid services. The free legal advice service gives you an answer within 24 hours; if you need more help, you'll receive a fixed price quote for solving your problem."

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