FAQs And Help

Do you have openings for jobs abroad?
[April 5th 2018]
We are always considering applicants worldwide and would be happy to review your resume in confidence at any time. Most of our non-legal full-time associates at this time reside in San Francisco, Zurich and Prague. We are currently scouting space for additional service offices. We are actively looking to hire additional associate-level attorneys (2-5 yrs); salaries begin at top firm levels plus generous stock options; applicants should be dedicated graduates. Attorneys will be required to travel to, and spend some time in, our Zurich and Prague offices. Some international experience preferred. Contact us by e-mail.
Can I submit law-related articles or information that I think would be helpful to people?
[June 17th 2018]
By all means--we would like to hear from you. You may submit information anonymously or you may request your name and/or e-mail be included in your article. WORLD Law Direct now pays $250 for any tip or any material that becomes heavily viewed by our users. Submit your material and watch if and how the article gets placed and moves throughout our site. From the library (and library archives) to the home page key issues (and everywhere in between), articles move automatically and sometimes manually throughout the site depending on how viewers use and study them. The more prominent the positioning, the higher the ranking. If your article makes it to the home page and you see it there and contact us, you will receive your payment from us. And remember, at any time, the subject matter of an article can increase in popularity depending on what's going on in the world; so even an article hiding in the library archives can jump to key issues in a day. You can make a difference in someone's life by sharing your tips, information, helpful hints and the benefit of your experience. That's what we're all about and it would be great to have you join us.
Can I purchase shares of, or invest in, WORLD Law Direct?
[January 22nd 2018]
While we are not soliciting investors in any jurisdiction where it would not be permitted, we are willing to discuss share purchases/investments with any qualified investor. Click on "Investors" at the bottom of this page and/or e-mail us for more information.
Are my communications with you secure?
[January 21st 2018]
While we do our best to keep our systems updated with the latest security software, there can be no guarantee that your communication will never be intercepted. We encourage you to remember this when communicating with us. WORLD Law Direct will never intentionally disclose your communications to third parties as part of our operations.
Do you have attorneys in all 50 U.S. states?
[September 9th 2016]
Yes, our member attorneys practice law in each of the 50 states (and 26 countries worldwide); we must always stress that certain matters can only be handled personally and with an attorney; you must ultimately decide when and if that becomes necessary.
Do you cover legal issues in Africa?
[January 21st 2018]
We do have staff and full coverage of legal issues in South Africa and we expect soon to have significantly expanded our coverage of the entire continent. Like many international investors and commentators, we believe the next few years are likely to be very promising for the people and economies of the African continent.
Do you answer every question? I did not receive my answer.
[March 9th 2008]
We respond to every question. If you did not receive our response, most likely the e-mail address you provided on the Web form was not correct and we could not identify the correct address--our system does correct some errors automatically.
Why are some of your words spelled with other than U.S. English?
[June 24th 2008]
Our English-speaking staff come from five different countries; staff members often write in their native English.
May I email you a question about your site's operations?
[September 9th 2016]
You may contact us at any time. We will be happy to tell you more about how the site operates and provide details of any issue that may interest you.