Workers' Compensation Agencies of the U. S.

Workers' Compensation - A state-mandated form of insurance covering workers injured in job-related accidents. In some states the state is the insurer; in other states insurance must be acquired from commercial insurance firms. Insurance rates are based on a number of factors including salaries, firm history and risk of occupation.

Workers' Compensation Agencies

Alabama Address: State of Alabama Workers' Compensation Div, 649 Monroe St, Montgomery AL 36131, Phone: 334-242-2868, 800-528-5166, FAX: 334-353-8262, URL:

Alaska Address: Alaska Dept of Labor and Workforce Development, Workers' Compensation Div, PO Box 25501, Juneau AK 99802-5501, Phone: 907-465-4500, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Arizona Address: The Industrial Commission of Arizona, 800 W Washington, Phoenix AZ 85007, Phone: 602-542-4411, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Arkansas Address: Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission, 324 Spring St, PO Box 950, Little Rock AR 72203-0950, Phone: 501-682-3930, 800-622-4472, FAX: Not Available, URL:

California Address: California Dept of Industrial Relations, Div of Worker' Compensation, 455 Golden Gate Ave, 9 Fl, PO Box 420603, (94142), San Francisco CA 94102-3660, Phone: 415-703-4600, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Colorado Address: Colorado Div of Workers' Compensation, 1515 Arapahoe, Denver CO 80202-2117, Phone: 303-318-8700, 888-390-7936, FAX: 303-318-8710, URL:

Connecticut Address: State of Connecticut, Workers' Compensation Commission, 21 Oak St, Hartford CT 06106, Phone: 860-493-1500, FAX: 860-247-1361, URL:

Delaware Address: State of Delaware, Dept of Labor, Div of Industrial Affairs, 4425 N Market St, Wilmington DE 19802, Phone: 302-761-8200, FAX: 302-761-6601, URL:

District of Columbia Address: Office of Workers' Compensation, Labor Standards Bureau, DC Dept of Employment Services, 64 New York Avenue, NE, 2 Fl, Washington DC 20002, Phone: 202-671-1000, FAX: Not Available, URL:,a,1232,q,537428.asp

Florida Address: Florida Div of Workers' Compensation, 310 Hartman Bldg, 2021 Capital Circle SE, Tallahassee FL 32399-0680, Phone: 850-448-5201, FAX: 850-922-6779, URL:

Georgia Address: Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation, 270 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta GA 30303-1299, Phone: 404-656-3875, 800-533-0682, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Hawaii Address: Hawaii Dept of Labor and Industrial Relations, Princess Ruth Keelikolani Building, 830 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu HI 96813, Phone: 808-586-8865, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Idaho Address: Idaho Industrial Commission, 317 Main St, PO Box 83720, Boise ID 83720-0041, Phone: 208-334-6000, 800-950-2110, FAX: 208-334-2321, URL:

Illinois Address: Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission, 100 W. Randolph St. #8-200, Chicago IL 60601, Phone: 312-814-6611, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Indiana Address: Workers' Compensation Board of Indiana, 402 W Washington St, Rm W-196, Indianapolis IN 46204, Phone: 317-232-3809, 800-824-2667, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Iowa Address: Iowa Div of Workers' Compensation, 1000 E Grand Ave, Des Moines IA 50319, Phone: 515-281-5387, 800-562-4692, FAX: 515-281-6501, URL:

Kansas Address: Kansas Workers' Compensation, 800 SW Jackson, Ste 600, Topeka KS 66612-1227, Phone: 785-296-3441, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Kentucky Address: Kentucky Dept of Workers' Claims, 1270 Louisville Rd, Frankfort KY 40601, Phone: 502-564-5550, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Louisiana Address: Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation Administration, PO Box 94040, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-904, Phone: 225-342-7555, FAX: 225-342-5665, URL:

Maine Address: Maine Workers' Compensation Board, 27 State House Station, Augusta ME 04333-0027, Phone: 207-287-3751, FAX: 207-287-7198, URL:

Maryland Address: Maryland State Worker's Compensation Commission, 10 E Baltimore St, 4 Fl, Baltimore MD 21202-1641, Phone: 410-864-5100, 800-492-0479, FAX: 410-846-5101, URL:

Massachusetts Address: Massachusetts Dept of Industrial Accidents, 600 Washington St, 7 Fl, Boston MA 02111, Phone: 617-727-4900, 800-323-3249, FAX: 617-727-6477, URL:

Michigan Address: Michigan Bureau of Workers' Disability Compensation, 7150 Harris Dr, PO Box 30016, Lansing MI 49809, Phone: 517-322-1296, 888-396-5041, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Minnesota Address: Minnesota Dept of Labor and Industry, 443 Lafayette Rd N, St Paul MN 55155, Phone: 651-284-5005, 800-342-5354, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Mississippi Address: Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission, PO Box 5200, Jackson MS 39296-5300, Phone: 601-987-4200, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Missouri Address: Missouri Div of Workers' Compensation, PO Box 58, 3315 W Truman Blvd, Jefferson City MO 65102-0058, Phone: 573-751-4231, FAX: 573-751-2012, URL:

Montana Address: Montana Workers' Compensation, 1805 Prospect Ave, PO Box 8011, Helena MT 59624-8011, Phone: 406-444-6543, FAX: 406-444-3465, URL:

Nebraska Address: Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court, PO Box 98908, Lincoln NE 68509-8908, Phone: 402-471-6468, 800-599-5155, FAX: 402-471-2700, URL:

Nevada Address: Nevada Dept of Business and Industry, Div of Industrial Relations, 400 W King St, Ste 400, Carson City NV 89703, Phone: 775-684-7260, 775-687-6305, FAX: Not Available, URL:

New Hampshire Address: New Hampshire Dept of Labor, Workers' Compensation Div, 95 Pleasant St, Concord NH 03301, Phone: 603-271-3176, 800-272-4353, FAX: Not Available, URL:

New Jersey Address: New Jersey Dept of Labor, Div of Workers' Compensation, PO Box 381, Trenton NJ 08625-0381, Phone: 609-292-2515, FAX: 609-984-2515, URL:

New Mexico Address: State of New Mexico, Workers' Compensation Administration, 2410 Centre Ave SE, PO Box 27198, Albuquerque NM 87125-7198, Phone: 505-841-6000, 866-967-5667, FAX: Not Available, URL:

New York Address: New York State Workers' Compensation Board, 20 Park St, Albany NY 12207, Phone: 518-474-6670, FAX: 518-473-1415, URL:

North Carolina Address: North Carolina Industrial Commission, 4340 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-4340, Phone: 919-807-2500, FAX: 919-715-0282, URL:

North Dakota Address: North Dakota Workers Compensation, 500 E Front Ave., Bismarck ND 58504-5685, Phone: 701-328-3800, 800-777-5033, FAX: 701-328-3786, URL:

Ohio Address: Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, 30 W Spring St, Columbus OH 43215-2256, Phone: 800-644-6292, FAX: 877-520-6446, URL:

Oklahoma Address: Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court, 1915 N. Stiles Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73105, Phone: 405-522-8600, 800-522-8210, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Oregon Address: Oregon Dept of Consumer and Business Services, Workers' Compensation Div, 350 Winter Street NE, Salem OR 97301, Phone: 503-947-7500, FAX: 503-947-7514, URL:

Pennsylvania Address: Pennsylvania Dept of Labor and Industry, Workers' Compensation, 7 and Forster St, Harrisburg PA 17120, Phone: 717-772-4447, 800-482-2383, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Rhode Island Address: Rhode Island Div of Workers' Compensation, 1511 Pontiac Ave, Bldg 69, 2 Fl, PO Box 20190, Cranston RI 02920-0942, Phone: 401-462-8100, FAX: Not Available, URL:

South Carolina Address: South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission, 1612 Marion St, PO Box 1715, Columbia SC 29202-1715, Phone: 803-737-5744, 803-737-5768, FAX: Not Available, URL:

South Dakota Address: South Dakota Div of Labor and Management, Kneip Bldg, 700 Governors Drive, Pierre SD 57501-2291, Phone: 605-773-3681, 605-773-4211, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Tennessee Address: Tennessee Dept of Labor and Workforce Development, Andrew Johnson Tower, 2 Fl, 710 James Robertson Pkwy, Nashville TN 37243-0661, Phone: 615-741-2395, 800-332-2667, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Texas Address: Texas Dept of Insurance, Div of Workers' Compensation, PO Box 149104, Austin TX 78714-9104, Phone: 800-252-7031, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Utah Address: Labor Commission of Utah, Div of Industrial Accidents, 160 D 300 S, PO Box 146610, Salt Lake City UT 84114-6610, Phone: 801-530-6800, FAX: 801-530-6804, URL:

Vermont Address: Vermont Dept of Labor and Industry, National Life Bldg, Drawer 20, Montpelier VT 05620-3401, Phone: 802-828-2286, FAX: 808-828-2195, URL:

Virginia Address: Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission, 1000 DMV Drive, Richmond VA 23220, Phone: 804-367-8600, 877-664-2566, FAX: 804-367-9740, URL:

Washington Address: Washington Dept of Labor and Industries, PO Box 44851, Olympia WA 98504-4851, Phone: 360-902-5799, 800-547-8367, FAX: 360-903-5792, URL:

West Virginia Address: Workers' Compensation Commission (now BrickStreet Insurance), Phone: 304-926-3470 or 1-866-45BRICK (452-7425), FAX: Not Available, URL:

Wisconsin Address: Wisconsin Dept of Workforce Development, Rm C100, 201 E Washington Ave, Madison WI 53703, or PO Box 7901, Madison WI 53707-7901, Phone: 608-267-0394, FAX: 608-267-0394, URL:

Wyoming Address: Wyoming Dept of Employment, Workers' Safety and Compensation Div, 122 W 25 St, Cheyenne WY 82002, Phone: 307-777-7159, FAX: 307-777-5946, URL:

American Samoa Address: Workmen's Compensation Commission, Office of the Governor, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799, Phone: 684-633-4116, FAX: Not Available, URL:

Guam Address: Workers' Compensation Div, Guam Department of Labor, PO Box 9970, Tamuning, Guam 96931-9970, Phone: 671-647-4205, FAX: 671-649-4922, URL: No Web site available

United States Virgin Islands Address: Workers' Compensation Div, United States Virgin Islands Department of Labor, 302 King St, Fredriksted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 00802, Phone: 340-776-3700 or 340-773-1994, FAX: 340-774-5908, 340-773-0094 or 340-776-0529, URL:

Northern Mariana Islands Address: Workers' Compensation Commission, NMI Retirement Fund, PO Box 501247, Capitol Hill, Saipan, MP 96950, Phone: 670-664-8024, FAX: 670-664-8074, URL:

Puerto Rico Address: Comision Industrial de Puerto Rico, PO Box 364466, San Juan, PR 00936-4466, Phone: 787-781-0545, FAX: 787-783-5610, URL:

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